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Data Visualization for Taiwanese Referendum 2018

A civic hacking project visualizing the results of the referendums held in Taiwan with the open data from the Taiwanese government


My Roles
Design ManagementUI/UX designFront-end development
UI & Front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS)Data visualization (D3JS)


The website does provide a visualization of the results with the information of the referendums (in Mandarin and English). The visualization makes the results more comprehensive with the spatial mapping and the scatter plots showcasing the correlations between the polls and the demographic features of the districts in Taiwan.

I was responsible for the UI/UX design and the front-end development of the website (tech stack: HTML, CSS, javascript, and D3.js). This was a civic hacking project that all of the six team members collaborated voluntarily in order to address the current lack of available comprehensive and exhaustive visualization of the results in both Mandarin and Englsih.

screenshot of the website
screenshot2 screenshot3
The visualizations


Please visit the Taiwanese Referendum 2018 webstie. We look forward to your feedback!