A pretend toy series based on Taiwanese culture. It was designed for a startup company in Taiwan.

My Responsibilites: UX ResearchIndustrial Design
Skills: Industrial Design (sketch, form exploration, CMF)UX (participatory observation, interview, prototyping & testing)Computer skills (Rhino, Pro/E)

Do you remember your childhood friends ?

There is a tremendous variety of pretend play toys in Taiwan’s market, however, the customers are disappointed because of a lack of choice which demonstrates the Taiwanese lifestyle they are familiar with. The lifestyle in Taiwan has its own uniqueness, and it is worthy to be cherished. We aim to make mumu a hub which connects the collective memory of families through play.

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Furniture and food

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Good flexibility of house structure brings joy to play

All pillars, floor boards, door, stairs are free for children to build.

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Considerable design for limited indoor space

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Play with Mumu!

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Photography: Jun-You Liu