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I have a great passion in designing delightful interfaces with modern design techniques and human-centered thinking.

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Official Statistics in The Age of Data


Showcase work at Visualizing Knowledge 2018 Conference, Finland

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Play Design Hotel

Honorable Mention in the User Experience category in Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Awards

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Data depositar

Design for Taiwan's open research



I see design as an approach that opens up communication with stakeholders, which should also be based on solid empirical research. Design for empowerment is the infrastructure that enables people to dream, create, and solve wicked problems collaboratively.

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Performing (un)Real Economies


The workshop was a part of the official program of Beirut Design Week 2018, Lebanon.

photo of all gender restroom

Installation Guide for All-Gender Restroom


The guide has been used by National Taiwan University for implementing its equality policy. It has also been taken as a reference for promoting inclusive public spaces by the city of Taipei, Taiwan.



Democracy, which is not merely about casting a vote, can only be made strong with wider participations and sense of connectivity. As the world is currently suffering from a decline of democracy, this is my ongoing exploration: how interface design and design empowerment can contribute to sustaining it?

thesis plan

Facilitating online democracy:
Constructive design research as an approach to connect political science and HCI


Ongoing master's thesis work at Aalto University, Finland.


Other design explorations in branding, service, play, indoor agriculture,
you name it!

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Miaomiao: design for indoor agriculture

Eatgether - branding for dating app
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Brand renewal for Aidmics Biotechnology

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Business Espoo: a service strategy
Visualizing Taiwanese Referendum 2018
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Mumu - wood toy series of Taiwanese culture

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